Fuji LTO-6, Ultrium 2500/6250GB Barium Ferrite

Fujifilm achieved the super high compressed capacity of 6.25TB with a transfer rate up to 400MB/second by applying Fujifilm's original BARIUM FERRITE magnetic particles to the advanced Nanocubic technology


  • Recording capacity of 6.25TB with transfer rate of 400MB/sec
  • By using Fujifilm's proprietary NANOCUBIC Technology, we can record 2,176 data tracks on just 12.65mm tape width. This is the key to achieving the amazing recording capacity of 6.25TB (2.5x compression rate, native 2.5TB). In addition, with the combination of linear multi channel recording technology and data compression technology a transfer speed up to 400MB/sec can be realized (2.5x compression rate, native 160MB/sec).
  • Excellent read/write property: By adopting Barium Ferrite, Fujifilm LTO6 tapes have higher coercvity, lower noise compared to older generations. Over time the recording head of a well-used drives start to wear down leading to a drop in performance. However, since Fujifilm's LTO6 with Barium Ferrite, from a system performance point of view, has more margin compared to metal particle tapes (measured using Fuji manufactured tapes), it can be read/written more accurately on these older drives.

30 years storage or more with BaFe tape particle is possible 

To prove the long term reliability of its BaFe tape particle, Fujifilm used an accelerated environment evaluation (temperature 60ºC, relative humidity 90%, 30 days) to confirm BaFe tape particle changes in demagnetization, friction coefficient and tape surface over time. In addition, a storage test in a polluted environment, known as a 'Battelle experiment', was performed. Through this series of testing, it was proven that the data storage of 30 years or more with BaFe tape particle is possible and that the tape can maintain its magnetic characteristics for long term storage.