Imation LTO-2, Ultrium 200/400GB

Imation Ultrium LTO-2 Tape Cartridges (16598) extend the functionality of Imation Ultrium LTO 1 Tape Cartridges; this generation of LTO/Ultrium technology offers data storage capacity of up to 400GB (2:1 compression). Exclusive Imation cartridge features protect your data unlike any other LTO cartridge.


Up to 400GB storage capacity (2:1 compression)

80MB/second transfer rate (2:1 compression)

For use with all Ultrium LTO Generation 2 drives, including IBM, HP, Quantum (Certance), Oracle (StorageTek), ADIC & others

Shipped in thermoform packaging that increases protection during transit

30 years estimated archival life

20,000 load/unload cycles

Limited lifetime warranty


UPC:   16598   LTO 2 Tape Cartridge w/ case   
UPC:   16601   LTO 2 Tape Cartridge w/o case  
UPC:   16599   LTO 2 Tape Cartridge labeled w/ case
UPC:   26899   LTO 2 Tape Cartridge DataGuard rf labeled w/ case   
UPC:   16600   LTO 2 Tape Cartridge labeled w/o case
UPC:   26900   LTO 2 Tape Cartridge DataGuard rf labeled w/o case