Imation LTO Cleaning Cartridge

Imation cleaning products are designed to save you time and effort while keeping your drives clean and running efficiently. Utilizing a totally dry process, the Imation Dry Head Cleaning Cartridge is simply inserted into the drive; it automatically begins cleaning, and takes just a fraction of the time needed by wet-type cleaners. Regular drive cleaning is key to maintaining the integrity of your valuable data. The Imation Dry Head Cleaning Cartridge makes it easy to include regular cleaning as part of your network systems maintenance protocol
  • Good for approximately 50 cleanings*
  • Improves data security
  • Minimizes damaging effects of compression to the recording surface
  • Dissipates harmful static buildup
  • Reduces tape slippage to ensure uniform signal output
  • Protects data against effects of wound-in debris
  • Improves tape winding and stacking¬†
    * Drive dependent