Sony LTO-6, Ultrium 2.5/6.25TB

Sony-LTO-6 Ultrium Data Cartridge, 2,5 TB up to 6.25 TB, LTX2500G Sony’s LTO6 Tape cartridges feature a storage capacity of 2.5TB (native) to 6.25TB (compressed), with higher transfer rates of 160 MB/s(native) to 400MB/s(compressed).
Format LTO Ultrium 6
Magnetic Material Metal Particle
Recording Capacity (Compressed) 6.25TB
Recording Capacity (Uncompressed) 2.5TB
Number of Data Tracks 2176
Dimensions (W x H x D) 111 x 29 x 114 mm
Weight Approx. 259g
Coercivity (kA/m) 230
Tape Width (mm) 12.65
Tape Thickness (µm) 6.4
Tape Length (m) 846
Electric Resistivity (magnetic coating: /sq) 500,000
Electric Resistivity (backcoating: /sq) 10,000
Built-in IC Memory (byte) 16,352