EDP Multi Media Tape Storage Racks

EDP’s modular multi media tape storage rack system is designed to provide durable and efficient storage for D...

EDP’s modular multi media tape storage rack system is designed to provide durable and efficient storage for DLT and LTO tape formats, 5½" Optical Disks and CD Roms, 4mm, 8mm, 3480/90, 9840 and Streamer cartridges, 3570 Magstar, Microfilm and VHS Video, together with anticipated future media developments, in the minimum amount of floorspace. Simply choose a base unit, in one of two height options, compact or stretch, and increase capacity vertically with add-on units that fit simply and quickly onto the base. All multi media tape rack frames are totally compatible allowing you to mix bases and add-ons of different heights. Base units are avaible as either single or double sided. Seven specially designed, removable multi-media storage pacs provide complete flexibility to meet your tape storage needs. Multi media tape storage racks can be ordered pre-configured for a single type of media tape or you can custom configure a rack to your own requirements by ordering an empty rack and the number of storage pacs you need for each type of media tape. It couldn’t be simpler! As your media tape storage needs change you can add capacity via add-on units and multi media storage pacs can be replaced when changing to a new media tape format.

Multi Media Tape Storage Rack - Features & Specifications

  • Base units are available in two heights Compact (24" / 610mm High) and Stretch (37¾" / 959mm High)
  • Base units are either single or double sided
  • Two sizes of add-on units Compact or Stretch
  • Add-ons are installed in minutes and come complete with all the necessary hardware. All that is need for the installation is a screwdriver
  • All base units are 31⅛" wide by 13⅞" deep (790mm x 352mm)
  • Add-on units are the same width but are 5" (127mm) deep. Compact Add-on units are 22¼" (565mm) high whilst Stretch add-ons are 36" (914mm) high
  • All units are made from furniture grade steel
  • Comfortable working height configurations are:
    • Stretch base plus Stretch add-on
    • Stretch base plus two Compact add-ons
    • Compact base plus two Compact add-ons