Promedia Shelving

Factory assembled shelves provide a quicker visual and physical access credited to its open shelf design with no drawers or doors to open. The ease of adding more units as your collection grows provides a flexible storage application, while maintaining floor space efficiency.

Floor-mounted or wall-mounted, Promedia shelving is easy to secure in any application.

Case Overview

Promedia Shelving

1 Case Width, 2 Case Depths
Promedia Shelving is 30" wide, and available in 5.5" and 7" deep cases.

Promedia Shelving

3 Case Heights
Shelving comes in 60", 81", & 90" case sizes.




Shelf Overview

Promedia Shelving Audio/Video Storage

Standard Shelf
Can be used for any media. Best choice for media that is taller than it is deep.

Promedia Shelving Data Media Storage

Recessed Shelf
Designed primarily for data media applications, sloped design holds media in place, and media overhangs to provide adequate finger space.



Shelf Accessories

Promedia Shelving

Wire Racks for Discrete Slot Filing
Wire racks, designed for use on standard and recessed shelves, are available to fit all current media, provide reserved space for each item and include labeling area on shelf front.

Promedia Shelving

Slide-n-Lock Bookends for Bulk Filing
Slide-n-Lock bookends work on all shelves to hold media in place. Several bookends may be used on a single shelf to separate multiple media formats.

Promedia Shelving

Adjustable Backstop
The adjustable backstop, an optional addition to either standard or recessed shelving, ensures media will front properly on shelf providing space efficient finger room.